Residential Payment Plans Options

light-bulbThe Ellwood City Borough Council authorizes residential customers to establish payment plans to address outstanding utility amounts due to the Borough.  It is the intention of the Borough of Ellwood City to provide quality, reliable and locally owned electric services.  The Ellwood City Borough Council wants to provide every customer with the opportunity to satisfy local obligations in a timely manner.  We recognize that sometimes there are situations that may be beyond your control which may require assistance.  The Borough Council understands these situations and has provided for payment extensions plans in order to assist those individuals who may need assistance.  This is a request for a payment plan not a waiver of the charges for the services rendered to each customer.

Your Residential Utility Bill includes the following charges for Municipal services:

Electric Usage charges that are calculated at the rate of 0.01149 cents per kWh for residential customers.  A monthly flat rate charge is applied in the amount of $11.00 for each residential customer.  A monthly Rate Adjustment is also applied and this amount can vary each month.

Sewage service charges also appear on the bill.  These are calculated at the following rates for residential services, a monthly service charge of $7.50 per and a usage charge of $7.50 per 1000 gallons.  The sewage fee is calculated upon your water usage as reported to the Borough by the PA American Water Company.

Recycling Fee is calculated at the rate of $3.00 per month/per household.

A Per Capita Tax is also billed at the rate of $5.00 per year, per person over the age of 18 residing in the household.

For more complete Information regarding ELECTRICITY, please see the Codified Ordinance of the Borough of Ellwood City, Title Four. Chapter 1046 ELECTRICITY.

If you are a property owner, a tenant, a Landlord or a person with a medical condition or you qualify for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) you may obtain all of the required forms on this borough website.

If you are the property owner.. the Application for Credit Extension form is to be completed by you in the event you wish to enter into a payment plan with the Borough.  The conditions of the plan are as follows: The customer should submit the plan at the time they receive the current bill if they are experiencing difficulty with satisfying current payment obligations.  The request for a payment plan should be submitted to the Utility Collection Office.  If the payment plan proposal is acceptable, the customer is required to maintain the payment plan as well as all current amounts due.  In the event you experience circumstances that may impact upon your ability to honor the plan you should immediately notify the Utility Collection Dept.  The failure to honor the plan can result in termination of service.

If you are a tenant… it is required that you receive the Landlord permission to enter into any type of Payment Arrangement.  The Landlord Authorization for Payment Extensions must be completed and signed by your landlord approving of the Payment Plan.  If your Landlord does not authorize the extended payments then the tenant must maintain a balance of less than $50.00.  Should the balance exceed that amount then services can be terminated.  Should your landlord authorize a payment plan then you must include the Credit Extension Form as well as Landlord Authorization for Payment Extensions with your payment plan request.

If you or a person in your household have a medical condition… and the termination of electric services will place the customer at risk, you must file the Medical Certification Notice with the Borough. The form must be signed by your physician validating the nature of the condition.  Although, one may have a serious condition your utility service cost must still be paid.  You may obtain the necessary Medical form at the Utility Collection Department or on the borough website.  Your Medical Certification Notice should be accompanied by the Application for Credit Extension if you are owner of the property where you reside or a Credit Extension Form, if you are a tenant.  The Credit Extension Form must be authorized by your landlord.

Electric service terminations will be applicable through the year for failure to pay or maintain a balance no great than $50.00 unless an acceptable payment extension plan is in place by the property owner or the Landlord has authorized a Payment Extension.  Should the customer require assistance with the payment of the Utility Services through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or other type program, it will be necessary for the customer to provide the Utility Collection Office a payment plan if they are the property owner.  If you are a tenant, and qualify and receive LIHEAP, it is necessary for your landlord to authorize your receipt of LIHEAP and all termination conditions affected by LIHEAP.

Should you have questions you may feel free to call the Borough Offices at 724-758-7777 and Press 1 for the Billing Office.


Application For Credit Extension

Landlord Authorization For Payment Extensions

Medical Certification Notice

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)