NOTICE: Recycling In Plastic Bags No Longer Accepted

NOTICE: Recycling In Plastic Bags No Longer Accepted

[Ellwood City, PA] – According to a press release made available Tuesday afternoon, and effective immediately, Valley Waste will no longer accept recycling in plastic bags. Recycling must be placed loose in carts or bins. Please do not put plastic bags in your home recycling bin.

The Valley Waste Recycling Center is meant to sort cans, bottles, paper and cardboard. It is not meant to sort plastic bags. Plastic bags are among the greatest headaches for recyclers. They slow down systems, drive up costs and hurt the quality of materials.

It is not that used plastic bags cannot be recycled into new materials, they simply require a different collection system and processing equipment than most curbside recycling programs provide.

Plastic bags can be recycled, just not in home recycling bins. Instead, just drop them off at specifically marked bins in front of most supermarkets.

Recycling will be picked up every other week at curbside on the same day as trash collection. The Borough of Ellwood City provides residents with a recycling container.

According to their website, Valley Waste Service and our customers diverted more than 1 million pounds of trash from the landfill and into the recycling system last year alone! With Valley Waste Service’s residential recycling, you can put all of your approved recyclables into a single container for clean, easy recycling. With your help and our recycling facilities, we can keep these items out of the landfill!

For full documentation of Ellwood City recycling guidelines, please visit

Valley Waste Service, Inc.
261 Wallace Run Road
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(724) 843-9373