Information Regarding New Utility Bill Format


Information Regarding New Utility Bill Format

APRIL 2017 – I am pleased to submit the new format for your Utility Bill for the month of April 2017. This bill format takes into consideration many of the informational items we believe our customers should have available to them regarding the usage of electric as well as the water consumption information provided to the Borough Utility Office by PA America Water Co. (PAWC) used to calculate your monthly sewage bill. Again , the format has changed. Your bill is broken down into four (4) areas with the intent to help you better distinguish each billing component.

Per Capita Tax: Every adult resident 18 years of age and older, is subject to a Per Capita Tax of Five Dollars ($5.00) annually. Once the Per Capita Tax has been paid and occupancy at the address location remains the same throughout the calendar year the amount will not be seen again on the statement until the next year. Please let our billing office know if there is any change in the number of adult residents at the address location.

Recycling: This is a monthly fee of Three Dollars ($3.00) and is used for the recycling costs the Borough is charged for the pick-up and disposal of recycling materials as well as yard waste.

Electric: This is for the metered electric service at the location identified on the billing statement. You will notice a new graphic which should help you see your usage and consumption for the thirteen (13) month period. The graph on this current bill shows your consumption for each month from April 2016 through April of the current year.  You will be able to identify if your usage is consistent for the same time in the prior year or if it has changed. The bill also identifies the average daily temperature for the current month and the same period in the prior year. This is one determinant on any usage increase or decreases for the period. We have identified your average daily use per kWh (kilowatt hour). The days in the billing period are also identified. We are making every effort to keep the number of days in our electric billing cycle to 30 to 31 days per billing period. The electric rates for the period are itemized for you with a Monthly Customer Service Fee of $11.00, Electric Residential Rate of 11.49 centers per kWh, and the rate adjustment per kWh for the month.

Sewage Service: Your sewage service charge for the month is based upon the water usage (recorded in gallons) and reported to the Borough by the PAWC. Your sewage bill shows usage consistent with the same period billed by the PAWC for water consumption. Again, we have provided a graph to help you identify your consumption for the thirteen (13) month period. The bill also identifies the average daily use as well as the days int he billing period. Please note the information upon which our bill was based is provided by the PAWC. The sewage service charge is a monthly Base Charge of $7.50 and $7.50 per 1000 gallons. If you believe you have an issue with the reported consumption we will not be able to modify your bill unless you can obtain an adjustment from the PAWC.

Customers are urged to take advantage of the 24/7 electronic payment methods available. Otherwise, you may feel free to use the collection drop box located on Bell Avenue. If you wish, you are also able to drop your payment off at the drop box inside the Borough Building, pay at the utility window or just place your payment in the mail. If you use these payment methods, please be certain to include your payment stub with your payment. Please do not send cash in the mail. The Utility Office phone number is 724-758-5576.

On behalf of the Ellwood City Borough Council, we hope that you find these billing modifications to be helpful and useful to you. If you have an recommendations regarding the bill format please fee free to bring these to our attention.

Thank you,
Bob Villella
Borough Manager