Ellwood City Borough launches new website

cropped-boro-icon.pngEllwood City, PA – The Ellwood City Borough launched a new website that provides residents with a more informative and engaging resource.

The mobile-friendly website serves as a one-stop shop for all information regarding borough departments, including council, borough management, the police department, the fire department and the electric department. In addition, local ordinances, council meeting minutes and FAQ’s will be available.

The website also showcases Ellwood City’s amenities such as the public library, Ewing Park, Steifel Park and the Ellwood City Hospital. Events such as the Farmer’s Market, Festival and Summer Concert Series will also be advertised.

“Many of the amenities our town has are what other communities are trying to develop,” Borough Manager Bob Villella said. “We’re just trying to refine ours.”

A completely new feature is the ability to immediately inform residents of emergencies such as power outages and fires. Other interactive capabilities include an anonymous tip line and a form for reporting borough maintenance concerns.

“The new website is better for the community, better for us and helpful for everyone,” Villella said.

The website was constructed over the summer by local design company Thought Process Enterprises, located on 536 Lawrence Ave., Ellwood City.

The website’s address is ellwoodcityborough.com