Borough Announces Utility Account Budget Plan

Borough Of Ellwood City Announces Utility Account Budget Plan

The Ellwood City Borough Council adopted Resolution #2004-4 which approves a budget payment plan for utility accounts. These accounts, however, have to be under certain provisions.

Provision one states that customers may complete the application form provided by the Borough during the annual open enrollment period. This period is from the third Monday in March through the third Friday in April. Following, the second provision mentions that the first budget-billing amount will appear on the May utility bill.

The maximum budget period will be 12 months with all balances due to be settled in the 12th month. These budget amounts will also be determined by taking the average of the most recent utility bills in the twelve month period. If unusual fluctuations should occur, the Borough reserves the right to review the account to reestablish the budget amount.

All components of the utility bill will be considered when determining the budget amount, this includes components such as electric, sewage, and recycling. Commercial accounts that are charged sales tax, will, however, always pay the actual sales tax amount.

If a customer fails to pay the budget amount in its entirety by the normal due date, they will be subject to late fees and normal shut off procedures. If customers are failing to pay the full amount by the normal due date three or more times within the twelve month plan period, they shall become ineligible for future budget plans. Customers on this plan shall not be eligible for additional payment arrangements.

All tenants wishing to apply must first have written consent from their landlord on the prescribed application form which the Borough provides. New customers may not become eligible for the budget plan until the next annual enrollment period.

Applications can be picked up in the Electric Billing Office within the borough municipal building. All signed application forms must be returned by Friday, April 12 at 3:00 p.m.